Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time for some fun <3

Picked this up the other day!! Oh my goodness what fun it will be!


Jenny Fowler said...

Those are great stamps!!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Shonna,

Hope this posts...I am having a difficult time.

Thanks for visiting Bella Vista...so nice to meet you.


Karen said...

Something is wrong with you "followers" box.
Check it out. Karen

The Stylish House said...

I found you somehow from another blog, ha, ha I am fairly new and trying to figure all this stuff out. I love your vintage header, and what a great find on that $5.00 table. These stamps look neat. I am interested in what you do with them; I hope you post photos with the results. I noticed someone said they had a problem with your follower box; I had no problem so it must be fixed. Congrats on your new marriage, I wish you a happy life together. Have a wonderful day and a Happy Easter…. ~Cathy~

cityfarmer said...

nice to meet ya!

i love new friends...
I'm so busy this month, but want to chat....

Love love love the royalty phenomenon!

Karen said...

Got side-tracked and never gave you my comment!!!
That looks very fun! I love Vintage as well. And I gotta say Girl, I love your blog design. It is very "me"! I am so on the hunt for all those fun vintage sparkle and bling things.
So! Let's see what you do with this fun thing!!

Barb said...

Love that stamp!!
Where ever did you get it.
I must have one.

thanks and now to go check out more of your lovely posts.
Barbara Jean

The Boo baby Girl <3

The Boo baby Girl <3