Friday, August 21, 2015

Its been so many years ..... and so many Journey's .....Here's my new one

This is what's Happening now!

I am still creating my art , but when I saw this Funky Shabby line of GORGEOUS jewelry
I had to be part of it!  You'll love this fun fabulous line too! and its savvy prices
or should I say adorable prices! So come and love it with me and of course you can join my team! 

Love and blessings always , Shonna XOXO   

"Just BEyou can be yours now!"

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New Catalogue Coming soon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So Much Beauty From a Little rose.....

So much beauty from a little Rose,

As I look at this rose Im reminded about God's beauty and how life can be so short..You can look one day and its full of beauty and the next ..its gone..

Life takes so many turns...

This rose was taken from my garden last year, Perry took it for me..He took about 50 pictures that day, I think he really captured the beauty of them.

I think I will do a little planting this weekend!......enjoy..

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Latest...Flea Market Finds <3

I was so excieted to find these this past weekend, The white iron shabby table The base is not iron ..not sure what it is? but is it heavy!...needs a cleaning and the top needs to be hubby will help with that..althrough..he really didnt want me to get it :((..The best part was only $5.00..who could pass that up... lolo...not me <3

I was so excieted to find this too :)...only $ will be a project tho ..I need to get clay or that and make a round swirl..above by the mirror match the other side..can you see it?...any ideas ? I would love to hear them... lol..I will also paint it...the most pale pale pink? ...or... white? Iam sure I will mosaic it too <3>

The Boo baby Girl <3

The Boo baby Girl <3