Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Latest...Flea Market Finds <3

I was so excieted to find these this past weekend, The white iron shabby table The base is not iron ..not sure what it is? but is it heavy!...needs a cleaning and the top needs to be secured..my hubby will help with that..althrough..he really didnt want me to get it :((..The best part was..it was only $5.00..who could pass that up... lolo...not me <3

I was so excieted to find this too :)...only $20.00..it will be a project tho ..I need to get clay or something..like that and make a round swirl..above by the mirror ..to match the other side..can you see it?...any ideas ? I would love to hear them... lol..I will also paint it...the most pale pale pink? ...or... white? Iam sure I will mosaic it too <3>

The Boo baby Girl <3

The Boo baby Girl <3